Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Paper Girl's Performance Art... "Blind Sewing or Sewing Blind?"

Well, Keri, I must repeat something I told you yeaterday when we ventured forth on my maiden voyage in the realm of Performance Art... I expected to be a little shy about putting myself out there in public doing something most would consider "a bit off". As it turns out, it was just the opposite. It was really amazing to discover that because I could not see what or who was around me, I was totally unfettered by shyness, embarrassment, or any of those feelings one could expect to experience while performing in public. It was an interesting experience, and I am anxious to push it further. I'll be by today to discuss the details. As always, I really appreciate your help and support. I couldn't have accomplished this without you. You rock!

I would also like to note that the piece is more than just a "letting go", but about the process of actually getting there. Learning to do and accept a different way of making art... to stop controlling every outcome and accepting the end result is a difficult task for me, to say the least.

The universe is a random and chaotic place that we cannot controll. I could, for instance, be struck blind at any moment, and have to start dealing with how to live my life in a completely different way. I would not have all of the control that I have now over many aspects of my life...including my work, and since sewing is big part of my work, and knowing that I may not be able to manipulate the stitches as I do now would change my art in ways that I cannot imagine. The randomness of the stitches on the cloth that I created yesterday was a real breakthrough for me as an artist, and as a person.

Jo (aka Paper Girl)


ellen said...

Art as therapy,I think more of us need that. I like to see people growing through creative acts. That's why I like your blind sewing as a performance. Why did you choose to make the personal in to a public act? - as some feminists say, the personal is political. What's your reason? I always wonder the diferent reasons we put our artwork in the public when most of it is personal.

Paper Girl said...

Dear Ellen
Some of my art (Especially the sewing) is really therapeutic. The repetitive movements of my body as I sew, and the repetative patterns of the work (when I am actually LOOKING at it) soothes my soul like nothing else. When all is chaotic around me, up comes the needle and thread and I am adrift in my own peaceful universe.

I have been ready for a long time to take my art out of the just seemed like the next logical step. When Keri was talking about doing some performance as well, we started to discuss the ways in which the artists of the fluxes movement used it and the idea grew and morphed from there. I noted with particular interest an article she sent me about these funny "Behavorial Cut-ups" invented by the anarchist group The CrimethInc, which are described as "...Changing one's life by performing (2)activities which are perceived as...socially acceptable, routine behaviors and attaching them to form a creative amusing activity..." While the blind sewing was anything but silly, it was in fact, a life-changing experiece.
The act was not in any way political...just a new form of self expression. While I cannot say for sure my definitive reasons for doing this, I am going to continue with the exploration.